My Galileo Learning Goals



I selected interviewing as a skill I would like to work on because I believe interviewing is a skill I can use in the future.  I also think that interviewing is an important and necessary skill for gaining a deeper understanding of people’s opinions, which I believe  can significantly alter my own opinion and understanding of matters. I have minimal experience with this, and it’s confirmed I’m no good at it. I’m terrified the interviewee may find the questions strange, and I also tend to make the situation awkward.

Public Speaking:

This is a big one. I chose public speaking as another skill I would like to improve on because I feel it is an important skill when speaking to an audience. I currently have a strong habit of stalling during speeches slipping in an occasional ‘um’ or ‘yep’, making me appear unsure of myself, consequentially causing my speech to lose rhythm. I also tend to speak relatively fast and quietly when discussing a topic of which I am particularly passionate. I have had previous experience with public speaking, as in my former school I joined MUN (Model United Nations), where my skills were refreshed though there is plenty of room for improvement.

Conflict Resolution:

I am a person who would like to work towards a world free of war and conflict, therefore, I would like a deeper understanding of conflict resolution. So far I have had almost no experience with conflict resolution but still believe that conflict resolution is a skill essential for a calmer environment and can be a useful skill during debating.


Fair Trade Practises:

I have a little history with fair trade practises- I learnt of Brazilian farmers being forced into lowering their prices for the marketing industry. My strong agreement with fair trade is what motivated me to gain more knowledge about it. I believe fair trade is another step towards a more peaceful world. I imagine this knowledge will help me understand and empathise with other people in this situation.

Human Rights:

Human rights, in my opinion, are definitely important and necessary world-wide. So far I’ve had a share of experience with rights- in Model United Nations we debated over internet censorship and the right to know whats going on in your own government (on the topic of Edward Snowden). I had a strong opinion on this topic therefore I would like to become more knowledgable about it. I think knowledge about human rights will impact the way I think in the future.

Global Poverty:

Something that occurs worldwide, and in my opinion, something that shouldn’t exist. I believe global poverty is simply a sign of human greed, yet makes sense. If, say, America were to support a third world country, it’s possible the country would thrive and America would essentially lose power and money. I feel, if I am to make a change in the world even a bit, the knowledge of these three linked topics are essential.

Personal Qualities

Social Awareness:

I chose to work on my social awareness partially because it is current non-existent, and partially because I believe it is a topic that will positively influence the way I make decisions. I believe that social awareness is a crucial quality, and one that I would like to have.


My rationale for choosing resourcefulness would be that I would like to be able to support my opinions with more than a couple of small ‘did you know?’ facts. I believe resourcefulness is a quality that would partially affect the way I make my decisions and be useful when writing pieces/essays to support the structure of the piece.


Currently my patience is sitting on the fine line between possibly there and non-existent. It’s something I have been working on for a long time but have really been running on the spot. Hopefully Galileo will really improve my patience. I believe patience is incredibly important for teaching or explaining different topics.

Breaking Down Public Speaking

Some sub-goals:

1) I can pace my speech so the audience can actually comprehend what I’m saying.

2) I can improvise to fill in spaces where I am nervous.

3) I can write speeches that flow easily.

4) I can speak confidently and not too quietly.

I think an obstacle that I will have to overcome is I speak too quietly, so I think I may have a bit of trouble overcoming that issue.

I think I will know I have achieved this goal when I can confidently deliver and write a speech or present a presentation efficiently.

One response to “My Galileo Learning Goals

  1. Well done Connie your choice of Learning Goals are thoughtful and relate very well to each other. I can recommend researching Toastmasters as a group who practice the art of public speaking. There may even be a group nearby that you could join or visit. I know you like to join new groups. Your curiosity in global issues is pleasing and your time in Galileo will enable you to further these interests.

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