About Me

To start off, my earliest memory of going to school was my very first day of primary school- walking through the intimidating front gate and meeting my first friend- the eagerness and excitement I felt is a feeling I won’t forget. When learning, I personally learn best in small groups or even pairs, where we can deeply discuss our opinions to form an incredible idea.

On the bad side, my worst trait would probably be my impatience- which is fueled by what I call an empty conversation, which is basically when a good conversations gets completely off topic and the whole idea is lost. If not, my default would be my inability to keep my clothes neat- a problem I’m working on.

However, my best trait would be my attitude towards challenges. I enjoy joining clubs that can efficiently support the less fortunate, such as Habitat for Humanity; a world-wide organisation raising funds to support the homeless.

I often wonder how past historic figures would interpret the world of today. For example, how would Malcolm-X or MLK Junior react to the electing of Barack Obama or even the idea of an integrated America, whereas in the past, the thought was simply insane, not to mention practically impossible at the time.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done- there are several, but moving to Bangkok from Melbourne was definitely the hardest. Towards the end of 2012 my dad was given a job in Bangkok, and I couldn’t bear to leave my friends, my dog, my family, the school, the peaceful environment- and the clean air. If you think Melbourne’s polluted, take a look at Bangkok, the world’s most visited city.

The last possession I would give up…living? If so, that  would definitely be my dog ( I don’t think I possess my family). My dog has lived her whole life with my family (except for our time in Bangkok) and we share a strong bond. I couldn’t bear to lose her, so I just have to keep her from chasing cars.

This term, being in a new school gives me a lot of things to look forward to, but having Galileo as part of my program opens up even more possibilities. I can’t wait to go on trail rides and gain a deeper understanding of Melbourne and it’s history.

If I were to put an image on a postcard of Melbourne I would probably choose to put a picture of a central street at peak hour, portraying diversity and showing how Melbourne is so multicultural.

I’d love to drag my best friend on a tram with me- she’d make me laugh always and wherever we ended up we would have a great time.

If I could invite any 3 people from history to have dinner with I would choose Martin Luther King Junior,  Nelson Mandela and my grandfather, who I met when I was only a baby. I’d love to learn their stories.

Describe Melbourne in 3 words. Diverse. Home. Different.

One response to “About Me

  1. Thanks for sharing Connie. I can really appreciate your connection to your dog, I too have a long & deep relationship with my old girl. I also wonder how significant people of the past would see the world today if given the opportunity. Interesting choices of people from history. Welcome to Uni High School, I hope you enjoy your time in the Galileo program 🙂

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