Week 8 Reflection

Options Week Reflection!

Our Options Trail went in my opinion, amazing. We got two incredibly helpful interviews during the day. We also completed over 20 surveys which I’m sure will prove to be interesting evidence. Our means of travelling around were well organised; to get to Best Friends we took a bus, a train and a tram. It sounds overwhelming but it worked out perfectly.

What was the most unexpected [yet enjoyable] discovery or outcome for you and/or your group?

In my opinion the day went very smoothly and nothing really came a s a surprise, and if anything the day went better than planned. We got a heap of great information from expert Kate Blaszak during a phone call. During our face to face interview with Roz, the Marketing Co-ordinator for Best Friends Pet Store, we were offered really useful ideas for our Action project.


What would you do differently if you were given the chance to repeat the experience?


Perhaps we could organise more interviews within a reasonable distance; we headed all the way to Highpoint for a 20 minute interview. Otherwise, I believe we did fine. However, now that I think about it I think our surveying methods could be improved. I found that other groups who let the public fill out a small survey accomplished a lot more than we did (we were using a regular survey style; ask the questions to the public).

Look back on your reflection about how you worked with your group during Mini Trail – did anything change?


I suppose so, as we have become more familiar with working with each other we have had better communication. At least, it seems that way for me and it may be because I’m new to the school. However, I believe we have generally improved the way we operate as the day progresses.

Did you stay in the same role? Did you step up or step back?

As a group we each helped contribute to the groups progression, and in my opinion there were no particular roles that were demanded for and managed the group in a way where we could all agree on something.

Overall, I’m definitely satisfied with the outcome of the day- it really was great to be filled with so many new ideas and information to fuel us forward towards our Final Exhibition.

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