Week 6 Reflection

Week 6 was possibly the best week I’ve had all term, but it’s hard to say.

What were your standout experiences this week?

For me, the whole week was one big and amazing experience. But I particularly liked doing the little ‘permablitz’ ono the rooftop, as I think the rooftop looks a little bland right now. It could definitely do with some green.

On the green note, I absolutely loved visiting Mariam’s RAW Community Garden. I found her garden inspirational, and I loved the general experience of offering an extra pair of hands to lighten the workload. The garden also possessed a wonderful atmosphere; no one got bored, and no one was overrun with work. Well, that was my impression. I would personally love to start a garden of my own.

I also enjoyed discussing democracy and how everything works within the government and parliament system, which I found very interesting. Community service at Second Bite was… eventful, I suppose. To see more on this topic, please read my reflection on my community service. (I know I didn’t have to say that but I’ve always wanted to.)

Did you gain any new skills or insights into how the world functions & your place within it?

I now feel like I have a better understanding of democracy and the government system in general. Jane shared some interesting facts which I really appreciated. After the Permaculture Trail I really feel like I’ve been inspired to take higher notice of my waste and how I handle materials that could be effectively be recycled or put to better use.

How are you progressing with your learning goals?

I think I am doing quite well with my learning goals, especially after camp and the Permaculture Trail. I have improved my social awareness, particularly concerning our resources in general. For example, water and the source, as well as growing our own food and providing for ourselves.

Where are things at with your Team Project?

The Team Project session in the State Library of Victoria today was very useful. I’m extremely grateful for the list of contacts Beata found recently. We sent of numerous emails, though unfortunately Dr Mark Lawrie was not available on the day. Unfortunately, Daniel J wasn’t here when we went to the library, so we had to make do. I found this short excursion quite helpful and we achieved a fair bit.

Do you need to make any changes to how you are operating within your team?

I believe we are operating fine, but maybe we’re operating too slowly. We have been working very well and are mostly up to date, although I think we are not working at our full potential. I think if we can pick up the pace a little we would do a lot better overall.

One response to “Week 6 Reflection

  1. Hi Connie
    I’m glad to hear how much you enjoyed this week. These aspects of permaculture & community are obviously close to my heart and I do really enjoying sharing and seeing other people get inspired and excited.
    Our visit to Mariam’s was amazing and its certainly a contact I will maintain.
    Your team has been working well on your project and I’m very impressed with what you have achieved. I hope the action project went well and I look forward to hearing your presentation on Tuesday.
    jane 🙂

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