Permaculture Trail Reflection

My experience at Mariam’s RAW (Resilience Aspiring Women) Community Garden was absolutely wonderful.

Energy levels were high as we volunteered our efforts to distribute mulch across the garden and chicken coop. The atmosphere in was neither electric nor quiet. Conversation was everywhere, and no one was ever struggling with a heavy load; there was always someone else willing to help. The garden gave a comforting sense of home and belonging, and there was no pressure to complete the work; it flowed smoothly and time stood still. We could’ve been there for 5 hours and I wouldn’t have noticed. Additionally, the meal prepared was wonderful and I definitely enjoyed getting a taste of African food, and I can assure you I’ll be on the lookout for an African restaurant or I’ll head right back to the garden. It was simply an amazing experience to offer an extra pair of hands to Mariam’s incredible community garden and to know that we were helping this unique community grow.

I learnt that anyone can start something. Something simple can become something special, just like this community garden. On the more technical side, I learnt how to efficiently work with various tools and mulch, and how to get the best out of what you’ve got.

There was nothing I didn’t like about this garden. Even if the workload was a little difficult to handle, you never had to do it alone.

I was left wondering whether or not this idea of community gardens will spread even further (hopefully it will), and I’m pondering upon the idea of putting a bit more gardening into my life.

One response to “Permaculture Trail Reflection

  1. Hi Connie
    Thanks for your reflection on this day. It certainly was a highlight of the term for me. I’m glad you were able to join us. I think the concept of community gardens is spreading across Melbourne especially in the northern suburbs. It is great to see this initiative emerging in this part of the city and I also hope and am confident that it will spread. It was great to see an article on Mariam and her garden in The Age today.
    jane 🙂

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