Week 4 Reflection

Week 4 really blew me away. I was impressed by how much learning was involved in this week’s trails, but that certainly was not a bad thing.

Firstly, the Prisons trail was really interesting; both interviews/meetings were engaging and I can’t deny that I enjoyed learning about the ways of prisons both in the past and in the present.

The Old Melbourne Gaol, appearing as a typical tourist spot definitely exceeded any expectations at all. I was amazed by the facts our guide had to offer; numbers and just information in general gave me a much better idea of the past. I was eager to learn more about the history, and I admit I was appalled but the punishments. I definitely feel I’ve learnt a lot on this topic.

However, I think the highlight of this week was visiting the Magistrate’s Court. I got absorbed in a rather long case involving a man handling drugs. This doesn’t actually mean I was interested in case itself- I was interested in how the lawyers defended and how the judge was involved in the court case. Despite this, I admit I was rather appalled by the fact the man had already been to court 5 times previously. However, the expression of the man was a sad sight, as was the sight of his family in the front row. Thinking twice, I wouldn’t call this the ‘highlight’- perhaps more of an ‘absorbing moment’. That sounds better.

Lowlights? That’s a difficult one. I think the good moments definitely make up for the bad ones easily, therefore lowlights (for me) have been eliminated.

Additionally, I had to test Uni High’s Human Rights Temperature. In accordance to my responses, the school has a ‘temperature’ of 84 (our of 100). However, this may be an invalid point because I am new to the school and my understanding of the school may be different and perhaps wrong. Because of this, I feel I do not have the ability to say how the school can improve, especially since I haven’t participated in any general core subject lessons.

Overall, week 4 one full and exciting week.


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