Youth Homelessness Trail Reflection

The Youth Homelessness trail was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.

It was an amazing trail, although it was based on an unfortunate topic. I definitely heard a whole new side of the story and learnt a lot more about the topic. Previous to this, I honestly had no idea physical abuse played such a role in homelessness. I definitely learnt how desperately homeless people need shelter after Belinda, our guide, showed us one of the ‘best spots’, as described by a youth she knew. Never, in my wildest dreams would I have considered people swinging dangerously around a bridge corner and into a concealed space. Never.

After hearing Belinda’s stories and experiences I could really look at the issue of homeless from a different perspective. It was particularly interesting to get an insight on the public’s opinion afterward, via a survey. I admit that I personally was appalled at one woman’s response. She thought that the government had done enough and it was their responsibility to look after themselves. Before the trail, I may have seen minimal reasoning in that response, but now I saw none at all. It certainly contradicted other responses and it opened up a new perspective, which was fascinating in itself.

This trail unquestionably and constantly reminded me of all the things I take for granted, like a home and a caring family. This trail has left a strong mark somewhere in my mind, and I doubt I will forget it. This has really made me appreciate more and refined my sense of obligation to help the unfortunate.

If I could sum this whole trail up in one word, it would definitely be eye-opening. Unless that’s two words. Oh well.


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