Week 2 Reflection

After the 2nd week I’m certain my understanding of what defines a community has altered and I think it was a rewarding experience looking at communities from a different perspective.

There weren’t exactly many ‘lightbulb’ moments for me, although after working together for a while I noticed our group was communicating more and there was more input in the situation from each individual. This definitely improved our work and we were able to form an agreement of some sort when a situation appeared.

Within our team I haven’t exactly found myself taking a role, as we’ve only been out as a team once, but in that time I took the role as leader, and I tried my best to take in all opinions to make it easier to travel as a group. I personally aspire to have a go at all roles in order to decide which I’d be comfortable with.

My sense of Melbourne as a community has changed a little, after the North Carlton/Carlton trail especially. I personally think that the cultural diversity of Melbourne really benefits people traveling from overseas, as it allows them to feel comfortable in the environment, knowing they’re not alone. I also have learnt that different areas can have a different way of portraying a community, some are warm, cosy and comfortable, however others are lively and busy, which really shows the diversity of Melbourne itself.

I’ve found myself working towards my goal of interviewing, as I feel surveying gave me a bit of a kick-start on this topic, getting used to asking questions and politely taking down answers. I’ve also found myself working towards resourcefulness, as I’ve begun researching information on the term-long project, and noting down phone numbers and emails.

I personally believe this week turned out to be an interesting and useful one.20140204_145149

3 responses to “Week 2 Reflection

  1. Hi Connie
    Interesting reflective comments about your second week. I’m glad that you enjoyed being out and about with your TP group and that you had the opportunity to be the leader.
    It sounds like you had a very productive week in terms of working on your own learning goals and progressing your TP along with research and exploration.
    Check out the homework page on the wiki as there was a critical question that was to be answered at the end of week 2.
    Well done practicing your interviewing skills, it is a challenging task that does get easier the more you do it.
    see you tomorrow
    jane 🙂

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