Week 1 Reflection

Well that was an interesting week.

So, I’ve been told incredible things about Galileo, and the past week was certainly living up to these expectations. Despite the fact that towards the beginning there were a lot of introductory videos and presentations which definitely engraved the whole idea into my mind, the first trail was not a let down.

It was different and contrasted anything I’d experienced before; the trust bestowed upon us was unexpected and took me by surprise. However, being able to travel all over the city with a few others was a great experience, and I found it really enjoyable. I thought was great to relax and not have to worry about traveling as a huge mob through the city; the (limited) freedom definitely benefited the way I worked.

Working and walking around as a small group was fantastic, as it’s in these small groups that I work really well. I also appreciated the lesson prior to the trail, which effectively prepared us for the City Grid Trail. If I were to go again I would double check our intended plan, to avoid uncertainty later on in the trail.

Some of my hopes for this term are being able to navigate the city efficiently, being able to benefit the community in as many ways possible and to simple make new friends, considering that I’m new and still discovering the ‘ways’ of life here and meeting different people every day.


One response to “Week 1 Reflection

  1. Hi Connie
    Thoughtful reflective writing, I appreciate your honesty. It’s really good to hear how you would do things differently next time.
    I’m sure you will embrace the community service which starts next week. Hopefully the connections you will make will carry over into life post-Galileo.
    You seem to be settling in well.
    A great start to Galileo & UHS
    jane 🙂

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